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Other Tennessee Agate

Other Agate
I'm sure I will find that other agate exist in Tennessee. If you know of locations I have not included, pass it on. Bob Miller did a lot of collecting in Tennessee and found a lot of agate. Some of the sites he did not let anyone know about so I have not idea those locations. I'm sure most of them were in the general area of the major collecting sites. Bob left his wife with many tons of agate when he departed this world and over the past few years she has been selling it. It has been and still is the best collecting site in the world. It not only has Tennessee, but a lot of the western agates from years ago. E-mail me and I will let you know how to reach her if you want to visit. It's worth it just to visit with June since she has so many stories to tell. I will over time add other agate pictures. The one above is one of those I'm not sure I know where it came from.

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